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**Copyright date listed is copyright and/or last print date**

Author Last Name First Name Title Copyright Condition Price Type Series # Location
Jakes John The Furies 1976 PB fair $1.00 American Bicentennial  Vol IV zp34
Jakes John The Rebels 1975 PB poor $1.00 American Bicentennial  Vol II zp34
Jakes John The Bastard 1974 PB fair $1.00 American Bicentennial Series 1 zp8
Fontes/Korman Ron/Justine Davy Crockett and the Highwaymen 1992 PB good $1.00 Disney's American Frontier 6 zp22
Foster Jeanne Deborah Leigh 1981 PB very good $3.00 Frontier Women Saga 2 os26
Jakes John The Americans 1980 PB fair $1.00 Kent Family Chronicles VIII db7
Jakes John The Furies 1978 PB good $3.00 Kent Family Chronicles IV pb6
Jakes John The Warriors 1982 PB good 2.99 Kent Family Chronicles VI km10
Long William Stuart The Adventurers 1983 PB good $1.00 The Australians V ac25
Long William Stuart The Settlers 1980 PB fair $1.00 The Australians Vol II nom6
Wall Robert E. Bloodbrothers 1981 PB good $2.00 The Canadians 2 pb6
Wall Robert E. Patriots 1982 PB fair $2.00 The Canadians 4 pb6
Ross Dana Fuller Oregon Legacy 1989 PB fair $2.00 The Holts   xs62
Whited Charles Destiny 1982 PB fair $1.00 The Spirit of America Book Two str37